A sad news

By [GTR - 002] Driver   |   06 Jan 2020 06:32 UTC | Updated on 23 Jul 2021 22:21 UTC

The Chenxi team announced its dissolution through multiple channels on January 6th. While regretful, we also respect the decision made by the Chenxi team. In the long-term contact, we have established a deep friendship with each other. As a member of the Brothers Association, Chenxi Team has planned and organized related activities of the Oka Union for many times. We are grateful for this effort, and the Union will keep this in mind. Dispelling rumors: 1. The Chenxi team was simply disbanded, and the management and team members did not have any disputes; let alone the permanent title. 2. The VTC certification of Chenxi Team is a voluntary cancellation, not an official compulsory cancellation. Requirements (GTR team members): 1. Do not believe rumors, do not spread rumors (rumors stop at the wise), do not make rumors. 2. Don't fall into the trap, for some claims fan the flames. 3. If found, the team number will be cancelled and the blacklist will be recorded.


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