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New server

A few days ago, we found that there is one more server on the server selection page after TMP login. Yes, it is a newly added server located in Singapore. It can provide a good connection to some players in Asia and Oceania. Official news from TMP : In the future, we plan to add 3-4 servers around the world, which will provide players with a better gaming experience environment.

At present, there are two simulation servers available in Europe and the Americas. We (Chinese players) need to use an accelerator to intervene. The European server game delay will be maintained at 150-180ms, while the American server will be 200-250ms. Improve some, we hope that the arrival of the new server can effectively reduce the latency, look forward to!

By [G.T.R] I 002 I Driver   |   12 Feb 13:33 UTC


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