GTR convoy Intermodal Rules

By [GTR - 001] Jeren Valta   |   16 Jul 2019 05:57 UTC | Updated on 23 Jul 2021 22:21 UTC

1. It is forbidden to overtake the front car under any circumstances. (Overtaking is considered as long as it passes ahead in normal driving)

2. It is forbidden to follow the car too close to the rear. (Keep the distance between cars. Any rear-end accident caused by loss of bags and emergency stop accident is the responsibility of rear-end vehicle.)

3. It is forbidden to change lanes at will. (In normal driving, please follow the car in the same lane. Frequent lane changes are prohibited)

4. It is forbidden to reverse at high speed and stop at will. (Listen carefully to the leader's road information, miss the intersection, run wrong, please file back or F7)

5. Ban the frequent use of walkie-talkies in games. (Don't insult, provoke, resist retaliation, slander and play in the game)

6. Refitting is prohibited. (Intermodal vehicles should not be refitted and fitted with any parts that affect their appearance)

7. It is forbidden to run through the red light. (After the traffic lights, please slow down and observe the rules of the game.

8. It is forbidden to leave it in disorder. (Parking off-line during intermodal transport, please park your vehicle in a safe place)

9. Parallel driving is prohibited. (Please follow the lane in front of you and don't change the lane by yourself.

10. Defamation of fleet management is prohibited. (Please listen to the command of fleet management and don't be presumptuous)

11. Participants must go to YY, forbidding YY to drive free wheat. (YY allows you to speak freely during the intermodal transport, but please do not open free wheat to affect the ban on wheat fried by others)

12. Ban plug-ins and hackers. (Game plug-ins are prohibited in online games)

13. The daily motorcade activity time is 20:10 (UTC+8). (Please wait halfway if you miss the activity time)

PS: Any violation of this rule will be removed directly from VTC.



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