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By [GTR - 001] ED Zeher   |   09 Jan 2020 15:59 UTC | Updated on 23 Jul 22:21 UTC

GTR convoy was established on November 29, 2016. With the unremitting efforts of team leader Xiao Mo and management, the convoy members have developed from more than a dozen at the beginning to more than 300 at present. The management team has also expanded from the original captain, deputy team, to the present command, leader, technology, diplomacy, auditing and other management positions. We adhere to the "honor and unity, civilization and courtesy" team purpose, in line with the "respect for others, respect for themselves, civilized games, happy games, safe driving, compliance with the rules" of the team principle, teamwork in the game to enjoy the endless joy of driving, at the same time, we are no longer simple. "Solo combat", we will organize large-scale intermodal transport activities with other convoy from time to time, which will make our team members experience different driving from another angle, thus a new understanding of the game. Up to now, we have participated in more than dozens of large-scale intermodal activities, from the initial unknown exploration to the present light vehicle familiar road, participate in large-scale (multi-convoy) intermodal activities has initially formed a complete system. I believe that in the future, with the passage of time, our team will continue to improve and strengthen, I believe that in the years ahead, you will witness a first-class GTR.




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