GTR VTC list of activities in August

By [GTR - 002] Driver   |   01 Aug 2020 11:23 UTC

GTR VTC plans to participate in the following activities in August: No. 1 participated in ETS2MCG 4th Anniversary Convoy;No.2 participated in China ZhenXing VTC 6th Anniversary;No.5 GTR VTC Hosts Public Events;16 participated in Virgo Plan - No.5;20 participated in China TruckersCHN Event No.25;Attend an event hosted by TRT VTC (time to be confirmed);Attend an event hosted by RK VTC (time to be confirmed).

8月1号参加MCG周年庆事件活动; 8月2号参加振兴车队周年庆事件活动; 8月5号GTR主办VTC事件活动; 8月16号参加第5次星座计划事件活动; 8月20号参加第25次联盟事件活动; 参加RK VTC事件活动(时间待定); 参加TRT VTC事件活动(时间待定)。



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