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Tag: Glory-Truck-Royal
Language: Chinese
Created: 14 Jul 2019 11:00 UTC
Supported Games
Euro Truck Simulator 2
American Truck Simulator
Owner: [G.T.R] I 001 I ED Zeher
Members: 94
Recruitment: Open

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Latest VTC Posts

Important event events are coming!

GTR will participate in the ChenXI VTC event in 2020.1.4!

04 Jan 05:21 UTC   |   [G.T.R] I 002 I Driver

happy new year

With the coming of 2020 new year, we are also preparing for more new year activities.

27 Dec 2019 23:57 UTC   |   [G.T.R] I 001 I ED Zeher

Winter is here

Winter will support ETS2 and ATS

24 Dec 2019 09:15 UTC   |   [G.T.R] I 002 I Driver

Truckers CHN official website successfully launched

Truckers CHN official website was officially launched on December 20, and Truckers CHN 2.0 was officially released.

23 Dec 2019 08:03 UTC   |   [G.T.R] I 002 I Driver

GTR VTC successfully passed TruckersMP (VTC) official certification

GTR VTC successfully obtained TruckersMP (VTC) official certification on December 22, becoming the fourth certified team in China

23 Dec 2019 07:02 UTC   |   [G.T.R] I 002 I Driver



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喜爱欧洲卡车模拟 美国卡车模拟


车队YY :249788



[G.T.R] I 040 I Black
[G.T.R] I 040 I Black
Human Resources Management
[G.T.R] I 004 I Xiao Yu
[G.T.R] I 004 I Xiao Yu
Executive Management
[G.T.R] I 002 I Driver
[G.T.R] I 002 I Driver
First Executive Officer
[G.T.R] I 003 I Randy
[G.T.R] I 003 I Randy
Commander in chief
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