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📷 Picture of the Month | September 2021 📷

By Picky.   |   19 Oct 2021 13:20 UTC | Updated on 19 Oct 2021 13:23 UTC

Once again we are back to announce our winner for POTM... Yes, We're a little bit behind on this one. But hey, Life gets in the way. Again, we had a few less entries than usual this month but as per usual, all of them were amazing entries and it was made to be a difficult choice for us! This month the chosen winner is DADVANTAGE. The picture shows off the OSL paintjob really well in the typical September weather, it gives an impact to the image that we thought really stood out from the rest.

Spooky Season is on the way and we for one, cannot wait for the spooky entries from our drivers!

Thanks for all the entries and congratulations to DADVANTAGE!


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