Our COO became an official TMP Streamer!

By Maaster Oogwaay   |   12 Aug 2021 01:50 UTC | Updated on 12 Aug 2021 01:55 UTC

Hello again, So as some of you may have noticed, our COO, Simulation Gaming TTV, became an official TruckersMP streamer this week! We were all so ecstatic last Thursday when Sim came to us and said he was accepted into the staff team as a streamer. We all here in the staff team knew for quite some time that he had applied for it but we honestly weren't expecting to receive a message Thursday morning in our staff group that he had been accepted!

Has he streamed yet?

Yes! Sim completed his first stream on the TruckerMP offical Twitch channel yesterday the 12th of August. He done extremely well and we're really proud of him! Going from roughly 10 viewers to nearly 90 viewers definitely wasn't easy but no matter. Sim managed to pull it off perfectly. You can check out the stream here

When is his next stream?

Word has it, Sim's next stream will be Saturday the 21st of August! During this event we'll be taking part in one of RLC's convoy's so if you're free please come along for the journey!

Finally, we would like to congratulate Sim on this massive achievement and we hope it all goes amazing for him. In the meantime, why don't you go check out his Twitch channel here


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