PBG Monthly Newsletter - September 2021

By Maaster Oogwaay   |   31 Aug 2021 19:00 UTC | Updated on 26 Jan 23:25 UTC

Hello all, September is nearly upon us, so it is time to update you all on what happened in the PBG Community during the month of August.


Driver of the Month

August was a brilliant month for us in the ETS2 department! Having logged 294 678km, we managed to secure 3rd place in the UK leader boards! This is a big achievement for us as a VTC as we managed to out haul companies boasting over 100+ drivers!

With that being said, we would like to personally thank each and every one of you but a special thanks goes out to the following drivers;

  • TeST drove: 103 834km (Driver of The Month)
  • Simulation Gaming TTV drove: 37 996km
  • Dutchman drove: 35 073km

Well done everyone and happy trucking! Number of Drivers

During the month of August we managed to hit 50 members! This now allows us to have a chance to verify the VTC! Our fleet increased by 11 members. VTC Statistics Kilometres driven: 336 131km Jobs Delivered: 498 jobs delivered Events Hosted: 4 Events Attended: 16

FS19 Servers

Not much happened this month on our PBG farming servers. However, we have fully revamped both servers and have all the subscriptions etc updated so throughout the month of September the FS19 servers will become a lot more busier!

Minecraft Server

During the month of August we introduced Season 2 of the Minecraft server! With this new introduction, we managed to bring on 4 new members to our survival server. In the server we have noticed a couple small groups form within the server which is great to see! If you wish to join us on the Minecraft server, feel free to apply for the Minecraft role in our server.

Social media Statistics

  • Discord: 376 Members
  • Instagram: 1,253 Followers
  • Facebook: 682 Members

With that being said, that's how the month went for the PBG Community. We had some ups and downs internally but we're ready to hit September with a flying start! Finally, we hope you're all doing well and we hope to see you again soon!


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