Snail Transport


Photos and Videos of Daily Convoy Activity (2019/10/15)

By [ST I 009] Ge Xiaohe   |   26 Oct 2019 11:06 UTC


Oct. 15th, 2019

今天是 2019 年 10 月 15 日,每一位玩家都享受这次联运活动。我们也为此次活动制作了一条视频,可以在 YouTube哔哩哔哩上观看。

Today is October 15th, 2019. Every driver enjoyed a good convoy today. We also made a piece of video for this convoy. Watch it on YouTube or Bilibili.

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文案/Copywriting: Ge Xiaohe

摄影/Photos: ZHE ZHE

视频/Videos: Uncle Su

翻译/Translation: Ge Xiaohe


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