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How to Join Snail Transport | 如何加入 ST 车队

By [ST I 009] Ge Xiaohe   |   10 Sep 07:17 UTC

May. 21st, 2020

After getting the official verification from TruckersMP, we are glad to see more and more players are interested in joining Snail Transport, and have received many direct applications via TruckersMP VTC System from all over the world. Snail Transport is trying out best to explore the admissions for players from the world. Hence this post was written to introduce how you can join Snail Transport.

在获得 TruckersMP 的官方认证后,我们很高兴能够看到越来越多的玩家对加入 ST 车队充满兴趣,并收到了一些国内外玩家通过 TruckersMP VTC 系统的直接申请。ST 车队正努力探索对海外玩家的接纳,因此撰写了本文来向您介绍如何加入 ST 车队。

Requirements for Players | 对玩家的要求

  • You are at least 18 years old, and make sure the game will affect your studies if you are a student.
  • You need to have a clear microphone to be able to communicate with others well.
  • You have to obey the directions in the convoy, and the rules shown in the homepage of Snail Transport VTC and Official TruckersMP Rules.
  • You should get along with other players well.


  • 年满 18 岁,如果您是学生,请保证游戏不会影响您的学业;
  • 有清晰的麦克风,才能语其他人良好沟通;
  • 联运中听从指挥,遵守 ST 车队首页 显示的规则,以及 TruckersMP 官方规则
  • 能很好的和其他兄弟相处。

DLCs You Need to Have | 所需 DLC

Please make sure you have these DLCs before applying.

请您在申请加入前确认拥有以下 DLC.


Going East!

Vive la France !


Beyond the Baltic Sea

Road to the Black Sea

Schwarzmüller Trailer Pack

Krone Trailer Pack

Heavy Cargo Pack

High Power Cargo Pack

Chinese Paint Jobs Pack

About Communicating | 关于沟通

As Chinese players, you have to use Tencent QQ for daily communication, and YY to communicate via voice in the game. However, if you are not a Chinese speaker, at present, you can communicate with others via Discord and in-game text chatting. We still encourage you to use Tencent QQ International directly.

中国玩家需使用 腾讯 QQ 进行日常交流,使用 YY 语音 进行游戏时交流。如果您不会说汉语,目前您可以通过 Discord 与游戏内文字聊天与其它玩家交流,我们仍鼓励您使用 腾讯 QQ 国际版 来与其它玩家进行直接交流。

How to Apply | 如何申请

We hope to communicate with a player furtherly to check whether the player meets the requirements above before confirming the admission. Hence please contact us in our Reception QQ Group 545475401 or Snail Transport Discord Server.

我们希望能够进一步确认申请前确认玩家是否满足上述需求,因此请通过我们的 QQ 接待群 545475401ST 车队 Discord 服务器 与我们取得联络。

Snail Transport is looking forward to your application!

ST 车队正期待您的加入!

文案/Copywriting: Ge Xiaohe

翻译/Translation: Ge Xiaohe


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