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Upcoming Event - Constellations Event Libra Plan - No.6

By [ST I 009] Ge Xiaohe   |   20 Sep 14:23 UTC

活动预告 - 星座系列活动 - 天秤座计划 - No.6

Aug. 11th, 2020


ST 车队与其它兄弟协会车队每月组织和参加主要面向中国车队的 TruckerCHN 系列活动已有 24 次。为了增进世界各国车队的友谊与交流,我们不分国界不分团队,通力合作举办新的系列活动!包括星座系列活动与 TruckersCHN 系列活动,我们将每个月举办 2 次公开活动!这将是我们第五次举办国际联运活动,快来参加到这场国际联运活动叭!

Snail Transport and other teams from Brother Association have hosted and participated in TruckersCHN Series Events for 24 times mainly faced to Chinese teams every month. To enhance the friendship and communication among teams from the world, we work together to host another monthly series events without national boundaries and team boundaries. Including Constellations Series Event and TruckersCHN Series Events, we will host two public events per month! This is the second time that we will host an international event. Don't hesitate to participate in this international public event!

活动导览 | Guidebook


详细信息 | Details

  • 日期 | Date: 2020 年 9 月 20 日 / Sept. 20th, 2020
  • 服务器开放时间 | Server Open Time: 18:00(北京时间) / 10:00(UTC)
  • 出发时间 | Departure Time: 20:30(北京时间) / 12:30(UTC)
  • 服务器 | Server: Libra Plan - No.6

路线 | Route

Route 1


Route 2


暂行规则 | Temporary rules

  1. 禁止自由驾驶。该服务器仅用于 ST 车队主持的星座系列活动,如果您不打算参加此活动,请不要加入本服务器。
  2. 所有参与者都必须遵守 TruckersMP 规则。
  3. 车队玩家与散人玩家应按照出发和到达时的指示将车辆停在划定的停车位。
  4. 除活动工作人员和 TruckersMP 官方团队外,所有参与者在离开停车场或在道路上行驶时,都应驾驶带有拖车的卡车。
  5. 为了引导参与者以正确的方式进行,CC 团队可能会以工作人员的身份封锁某些路口。
  6. 允许所有车队出人以工作人员的身份加入本活动的媒体团队。
  7. 道路随机事件团队可能会以工作人员的身份在路线途中出现。
  8. 所有参与者必须遵循活动组织者,CC 团队,道路随机事件团队和 TruckersMP 官方团队的指示。
  9. 活动工作人员仅可在有预留中央隔离带的道路上的逆向车道上超车,且同时进行超车的车辆不能超过两辆;玩家仅可在紧急情况下在逆向车道上超车。
  10. 驾驶员应保持足够的安全距离,以避免因丢包、卡顿、迟滞引起的碰撞。
  11. 请尊重所有参与者,保持友好,享受活动的乐趣。

  1. Free-Roaming is not permitted. The server will be only used for Constellations Series Event hosted by Snail Transport. Do not enter the sever if you are not going to participate in this event.
  2. All participants must respect the TruckersMP rules.
  3. Teams and public players should park in parking slots as instructed at departure and arrival.
  4. All participants should drive trucks with trailers when parking at departure or driving on the road except Event Staff and TruckersMP Staff.
  5. To direct the participants into the right ways, CC Team may block some junctions as Event Staff.
  6. Media Team is allowed for all teams, and regarded as Event Staff.
  7. Real Operation Team may appear midway as Event Staff.
  8. All participants must follow the instructions of Event Organizers, CC Team, Real Operation Team, and TruckersMP Staff.
  9. Event staff can overtake others on roads with a central reservation barrier only. Overtaking the convoy cannot be performed by more than 2 event staff members at a time. Public members can only overtake under emergency circumstances or drive the incorrect way.
  10. Enough safety distance should be maintained to avoid the collisions caused by lags.
  11. Respect all participants, keep friendly, and enjoy the event.

外部链接 | External Link

关于活动参与人数验证 | About Verifying How Many Players will Attend the Event


如果您是初次接触 TruckersMP 论坛,需要关于如何登陆并回复帖子的帮助,请 点击此处


I will be attending the event!

不包含这句话的回复将不会被 TruckersMP 官方认定为有效回复。如果您准备用中文回复 我将会参加此次活动!,应 TruckersMP 官方要求,也请您在其后括注 I will be attending the event!

To guarantee that this event will be hosted on a dedicated event server, please help us verify how many players will attend the event. We will be very grateful for your help and support, and will be looking forward to seeing you at the event! If you are a newcomer on TruckersMP Forum, and need help on how to login and reply to the topic, you can click here.

Please click here to turn to the Chinese version of the forum topic, then reply to the forum topic with the contents as follows:

I will be attending the event!

Without this sentence, your reply will not be regarded as a valid attendance by TruckersMP Official. If you are trying replying to the topic in other languages, please still add this sentence in English - I will be attending the event! - in brackets, as requested by TruckersMP Official.

联系人 | Contact

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翻译/Translation: Ge Xiaohe

制图/Images: Ge Xiaohe


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