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Vacancy: Management Assistants

By LTHL-_-PURGE   |   22 May 2022 22:42 UTC | Updated on 22 May 2022 22:45 UTC

Management Assistant Vacancies

We are looking for two approachable, well-educated and motivated individuals to join our Management Team. This role will help with the daily running of the VTC, as well as assisting any other team member with their duties when necessary. This role will also involve becoming the "Acting Head Of Department" should another team member have to take any Leave of Absence. Therefore, a well-rounded, and easily adaptable individual with experience within, or knowledge of, a variety of roles will be preferred. Mandatory Human Resources and Moderator training will take place, in order for the candidate to assist in those areas when appropriate. The successful candidate will be opted into the management team, and will have an opinion on the future of the company.

Typical Job roles

  • Assisting with the daily running of the VTC. This includes, but is not limited to: Leader-board Updates; Moderation; Dealing with tickets and applications; Social Media; Media; Convoy Control; Announcements; Member Support.
  • Assisting all Members with their department if necessary.
  • Becoming an "Acting Head Of Department" if needed.
  • Helping to decide the future of Lightning
  • Helping bring future projects to life.


  • Should be regularly active
  • Must have decent availability (Time Spent Online)
  • Ideally needs to be flexible with tasks and departments
  • Can adapt to different situations quickly,
  • Needs to have Experience, or knowledge of all management roles.
  • Good time management skills, and able to deal with stress well.

If you would like to apply for this role, please head to our drivers hub:


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