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We now have a Drivers Hub.

By LTHL-_-PURGE   |   28 Jul 2022 18:22 UTC | Updated on 28 Jul 2022 18:25 UTC

Drivers Hub!

At first glance, the new Driver’s Hub has a more streamlined and minimalistic look. The home page contains valuable information, such as the overall leaderboard, which calculates the top five drivers based on the total distance driven in both games. You can also see who is online, and perhaps you may wish to start a small convoy on TruckersMP or SCS Convoy! The latest announcement is shown on the home page. You can view older announcements on the Announcements page.

Navio Tracker The Downloads page, accessible to Drivers and Staff only, contains a download link to our personalised Navio tracker! The Navio tracker is a simple-to-use plugin for both Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator and logs all jobs, whether in single-player or multiplayer. The Navio tracker is more reliable than the previous LOGIT tracker used by VTLOG. This new tracker is synced with the Driver’s Hub Delivery Log and a brand new Job Log annunciator in our Discord server, which is directly maintained by the Driver’s Hub developers and us and is thus more reliable.

Live Map Drivers also have access to a Live Map, allowing them to see where other drivers are. The maps include those for Euro Truck Simulator 2, American Truck Simulator (with all map expansions), and ProMods Europe (including the Middle East add-on). ProMods Canada is shown on the ATS map.

Other features The Driver’s Hub also includes other features, such as an Event Calendar, which we will use for future convoys we host. We aim to integrate the use of this Calendar soon after we complete our ongoing Driver Review process. You may also see a complete list of our members and the leaderboard, which we will use to track your activity and give out the Driver of the Month awards.

On the Driver’s Hub, Drivers can also apply for Staff Positions and Leave of Absence (LOAs). New members will also need to submit a Driver’s application as part of the onboarding process done through Discord.

We hope you are excited as we are with the new Driver’s Hub! Over the next few weeks, we aim to complete the Driver Review process for all existing Lightning Logistics drivers while phasing out the old VTLOG Driver’s Hub and LOGIT tracker. We will also onboard new drivers using the new Driver’s Hub.

Signing off, sg1742z Management Assistant


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