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How can you help us?

By RevolutionUK   |   20 Aug 2022 20:42 UTC | Updated on 20 Aug 2022 20:45 UTC

How can you help us?

If you wish to help our VTC then please check out our Patreon! Starting a membership helps us with the running of the vtc and to implement more feature in future. We have two tiers and with them comes several benefits like:

  • Access to Discord Supporter channels
  • Invites to Supporter only events
  • Name displayed on website to show our gratitude.

We also have a higher tier with added benefits like:

  • Sneak-peeks into new VTC features
  • A chance to vote for new public features.

And more...

All funds go towards our VTC costs. Any surplus, is put towards new features for the VTC.

Please check out further details at:

  • Klingan - Finance Manager


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