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Vacancy: Driver Support

By RevolutionUK   |   27 Aug 2022 23:23 UTC | Updated on 27 Aug 2022 23:25 UTC

Vacancy: Driver Support Team

Hello once again, we have a new department opened up called, Driver Support!

We're looking for knowledgeable, respectable, and professional individual(s). You'll be working aside Carter and the other management to make sure the VTC is ran as smooth as possible. We're looking for individual(s), that have knowledge about the server, and as well as TMP.

Before we jump to the next stage here's the some requirements. 👇


  • Must have a good knowledge about the server.
  • Must be Professional.
  • Must be knowledgeable about the TMP rules, and Lightning's rules.
  • Must not have an active ban within a month.


  • Co-ordinating VTC attendance to convoys. This includes, finding the information for that day’s convoy, and announcing it in our convoy-announcements channel.

  • Encouraging other drivers to attend the convoys. (Arranging attendance)

  • Attending the convoy with those you have organized.

  • Supporting drivers with Tags and Paintjob.

Find out more on our discord server!


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