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Remembering A Queen

By RevolutionUK   |   24 Sep 2022 00:23 UTC | Updated on 24 Sep 2022 00:25 UTC

Remembering A Queen

In the United Kingdom, the commonwealth and all over the world, things have changed. Over the last few weeks, we've said goodbye to Queen Elizabeth II.

While some rejoiced, others mourned. But she united us as one common constant.

Over the last few weeks, like many, we've paid our respects in Discord, by removing our Logo and advertisement materials. While this is just a small gesture, we decided that this would be a subtle way to show our support and respects. We understand that the Royal Family have some dislike, but the Queen offered her life to service. We had to respect that.

We would like to thank all our whole community for being supportive, respectful and understanding during this time. We understand that the receptiveness and meaningfulness of her death is different around the globe.

We invite you to join us as we look forward to the future!

Rest In Peace Queen Elizabeth II


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