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By RevolutionUK   |   25 Oct 2022 13:50 UTC | Updated on 25 Oct 2022 13:55 UTC

Member Promotion

We would like to congratulate our brand new Chief Operations Officer - Sang0kas!

Over the past 5 Months, Sang has worked his way up through the staff ranks here at Lightning. Starting off as Media Officer, Sang quickly became a VTC favourite with his fantastic truck media, many of which have been featured in our advertising and social media posts. It was clear to the Leadership team, that Sang had a huge amount of potential.

After settling into his Media Officer role, Sang was promoted to Media Manager. Within this role, Sang enhanced his leadership skills as he led the Media Department to success.

During the Summer as a result of staff absences, Sang was entrusted with the opportunity of running the whole VTC for approximately two weeks. During this time, Sang undertook some important decisions in order to maintain the healthy activity of the VTC.

Upon our return, Sang took a step back and assumed a Managing Director role. Up until now, this is where he has stayed. Within this role, Sang has continued to make and be involved with vital decisions about the running and direction of Lightning Logistics. Sang continued to support our dedicated team of department managers as they contributed to the success of the VTC.

I'm sure you will agree, that this promotion is well-deserved. Sang has worked extremely hard over the last five months, and has shown commitment that not many others have.

Please join me in congratulating him and celebrating his new role in Lightning Logistics where he will be second in command.

Here's to the future! 🎉🎉


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