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Update: Updated Rules

By RevolutionUK   |   30 Oct 2022 15:24 UTC | Updated on 30 Oct 2022 15:25 UTC

Rules Update

This month, we have updated our rules as a response to ever-changing VTC policies. These rules are in effect across all of our official platforms, although it's clear that some rules are more platform specific than others. These changes take immediate effect and we have given multiple alerts (including this post) to inform our community about these changes. We are happy to answer any questions or queries on our discord server. You can see the full list of rules on our Discord and TruckersMP pages, although we have also attached them below. We would like to thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

(1) You must be 13+ to be a member of our community in accordance with various platform usage terms.

(2) Inappropriate content is forbidden. This includes excessive swearing and text spam. This also extends to inappropriate and NSFW content and includes all media and conversations relating to an NSFW topic.

(3) Be respectful to all users, at all times regardless of roles and authority.

(4) Do not argue back on staff decisions. Feedback and reasoning is usually provided, but can be requested in a polite manner if not.

(5) Use the channels only as they are intended. This can usually be determined by the channel name and topic.

(6) Hate speech and any discrimination against any minority or segregated group is forbidden.

(7) No forms of advertising are accepted. This includes media that contains branding of your group or company as well as public discussions relating to another VTC or gaming group.

(8) Arguments that lead to unrest will be dealt with. This extends to Drama and negativity.

(9) Media which features trucks from other companies are now prohibited with the exception of convoy-media in the dedicated channel.

(10) We reserve the right to exercise punishment for any issues and persons that pose a security threat to Lightning Logistics or it's members.

(11) You understand that any content posted in our Discord server, may be used and stored by Lightning Logistics for advertisement, training and punishment purposes without credits to the original creator.

(12) Anything that could directly impact the reputation and professionalism of Lightning Logistics will not be tolerated, and the users will be punished appropriately.


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