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Welcome Back - January 2022

By RevolutionUK   |   19 Jan 11:00 UTC | Updated on 19 Jan 23:25 UTC

Welcome Back - January 2022

Firstly, let me start by wishing each and every one of you a happy new year!

2022 was our best year yet, and we're hoping that 2023 will be even better.

Throughout December, we hit a range of milestones, including hosting our largest convoy yet! We had almost 100 people attend, which is a perfect amount in terms of our logistical and staffing resources. We would like to thank everyone who was involved with the running and planning of our December convoy!

As a New Years treat, our Chief Operating Officer hosted a special drivers-only convoy which finished at the Silverstone racetrack. This was a great event!

Over the next twelve months, there will be a variety of changes for Lightning Logistics. We will be implementing new plans and systems, as well as working on and providing new projects. Towards the summer, we will enjoy an action-packed events schedule to celebrate the end of exam season.

Towards the end of the year, there will be a few Leadership changes, including an appointment of a new, innovative and creative Chief Executive Officer who will have a passion and a drive for moving Lightning forward into the future. We will be planning for these changes many months in advance to ensure that the VTC is left in the best capable hands, so that Lightning Logistics can continue to be a modern, fresh and exciting company for many more years to come.

We hope you have enjoyed your festive season. Let us begin 2023 in the best way possible.


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