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Vacancy: Event Manager - March 2023

By RevolutionUK   |   28 Feb 22:41 UTC | Updated on 28 Feb 22:45 UTC

Vacancy: Event Manager - March 2023

Lightning Logistics are recruiting for a talented, organised and dedicated individual to join our Management Team as our new Event Manager. The successful candidate will be involved with the running of the VTC through their Event and Management roles alike and will be responsible for managing the internal Events Team as well as the external convoy control team. Therefore, time management and leadership skills are important. Managerial Training can be provided, however knowledge about TruckersMP events is essential. The new Event Manager will be responsible for the whole event provision for Lightning Logistics. This involves organising and attending events.

  • Must have Euro Truck Simulator as well as American Truck Simulator and having knowledge about both simulator. Please note you have more chance to be selected if you have or are willing to get ETS, ATS with all DLC's. Also you will be required to join us as driver for Lightning Logistics to apply for this position.
  • Motivated to create and to plan convoys.
  • Able to participate at (public) Events of Lightning.
  • Hardworking and able to finish work to a high quality
  • Able to keep on top of deadlines

Every Driver and Public member can apply for this position. Please open a ticket for this via #roles-and-support on our Discord Server!

The application for Event Manager will close on 11th March 2023 at 17:00

Any Questions? Please let the management team know.

Kind Regards Jeza | Managing Director


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