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By CEO[LKW Logistics]Nemesis   |   02 Sep 17:20 UTC | Updated on 02 Sep 17:25 UTC

Learn more about what we have to offer What we Do hear at LKW Logistics

  • We provide a community - We have an outstanding community of passionate truck drivers looking to have a fun time with there peers.
  • We try and do Monthly Weekly convoy when we can - We will conduct at least 1 official convoy a month (convoys will be held more often in the future). There will be special events exclusively for staff held at least once a week.
  • We also have Custom Trucks and Trailers to offer for Everyone new driver that joins - Our team has carefully picked the best combinations of trucks for our drivers from. Each
  • driver will be getting their own truck witch they will be able to customize. And we offer much more - To find out more we offer please feel free to head over to our Website

Our requirements To Join our VTC

  • Age: 14+
  • English level: Low Intermediate (level 4)
  • Game Hours: 50+ hours
  • basic road knowledge.
  • no more than 2 bans on record.
  • No more than 2 VTC’s in the last 6 months.
  • At least 1 convoy per 2 weeks.

What have we Changed to our VTC Since we opened

  • We have Attended Many Convoys and Done our First monthly convoy
  • We Now Have Our Own Heavy Haulage Division To Spice up our VTC and give our Drivers a bit of a mix up
  • we have also updated our website and got our own Domain -
  • Our Discord Has been updated and upgraded massively thanks to our new Developer
  • We have our Very Own Discord bot for Moderations ect
  • Application have been moved/changed - So are you wanting to apply then head to /howtoapply to Apply toady!
  • We Have also Managed to Partner Up with a few other VTC
- PBG Logistics 
- Convoy Security Group
- Gridliner Logistics
- ATM Logistics
- RTL Logistics

What we aim to change in the Future

  • Doing more Convoy
  • We Aim to get more drivers to do CC
  • We also hope to Get more Divisions Add to our VTC Later in the Future
  • And hoping to get more Custom Trucks and Trailer Like Modded Profiles with Our Names on the Trucks ect

What we are Looking for in our Drivers

  • Knowledge - We expect all drivers to know all universal road signs.
  • Experience - Please have at least 50+ hours in game.
  • Other Companies - We are expecting all new drivers to have not been in more than 3 different companies for the past 7 months.
  • Citations and tickets - No driver should have more than 2 bans in the past year.
  • Our Age Requirement - All drivers should be at least 14 years old.
  • Language Here at LKW - Here at LKW we expect all drivers to use English only. We ask that all drivers know intermediate English level.



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