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Driver Of The Month ! Winner

By Syllemylle   |   09 Jul 2021 00:56 UTC | Updated on 23 Jul 2021 22:21 UTC

*DRIVER OF THE MONTH (JUNE) The rules were simple.. Driver with most miles wins ! real miles count x2;) Its a close one between two of our drivers.. or maybe not that close after all;) If you haven't guessed it already, Agriean and Jaykesi is in the lead !

Stats for Agriean & Jaykesi:


Real km: 556 km x2=3112 km ! Race km (over 100kmh)=6 692 km

Total= 9804 km in june ! Good job Jaykesi !;)


Real km:6 371 km x2=12742 km ! Race km (over 100kmh)=12 194 km

Total= 24936 km in june ! Thats a BIG WIN Agriean ! congrats on the dlc !

Thanks for the fight guys, we will do it every month from now on, not with prizes every time;) Take great care everyone ! Hugs Syllemylle.


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Created: 04 Mar 2021 16:00 UTC
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