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Stride Haulage Public Convoy 27 August!

By Syllemylle   |   18 Aug 2021 14:46 UTC | Updated on 18 Aug 2021 14:50 UTC

Get Ready people. We are rolling once again !

Stride Haulage Welcomes you all for our Public Convoy#6 ! Its been a long time since the last one due too the 1.41 update, which put a lot off people off TMP. But we are back now and ready to go ! We will be departing from Paris in France and take the beautiful and well known country roads all the way up too Groningen in The Netherlands ! Its a great run of 947 km without the need of any DLC's ! Meet up Time will be 17:50 UTC and departure will be 18:00 UTC. The front of the convoy will be cruising at 80-90 km/h. Its gonna be great to do a convoy again and I really do hope to see a lot of people for this event ! Stay tuned for ATS Convoy soon!;)

Peace & Love, Stride Haulage !


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