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How To Apply For Driver !

By Syllemylle   |   20 Feb 2022 00:22 UTC | Updated on 08 Jan 21:55 UTC


We are stoked that you are showing interest in becoming a driver in Stride Haulage! In this post we will share some information about the whole process so you can see if you are ready for it!:)

Your first step to become a driver in Stride Haulage is to send a application at our website. When this is done you can expect to be contacted on our Discord server by a HR member. The HR member will inform you about the coming process of getting hired into the VTC.

You can expect a Trial period of 2 weeks where you will have to proof that you are a good fit for the VTC. In the trial period you will basically have the same perks and authorities as a official driver, but with a few limitations. One of the things that is expected from you in the trial period is to pass a driving test and be active in the community by logging jobs and attending a event.

When the Trial period is done, you are ready to become a fully fledged Stride Driver!

Good luck!!

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Why join Stride Haulage?

We are an' all around solution for the Virtual Trucker, that needs full emersion when you get behind the wheel. We can take your virtual trucking experience to the next level! With our Custom drivers-Hub, On Road Tracker, Driver ranks and our many Divisions you are always ready to haul! We give you a purpose to drive for & you can do it in style! With our Custom skins for your truck and trailer you are guaranteed to stand out on the road! We have even been recognized by a Retired CEO of a Real World Trucking Company! Oh yeah, you will even get paid! With our integrated Coin and paychecks system you can earn yourself some sweet deals, just by doing what you love. Sounds good? then you should consider applying! To learn more about how we run things, feel free to check out our website!


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