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January Recap

By Syllemylle   |   02 Feb 17:01 UTC | Updated on 02 Feb 17:05 UTC

Hey! Its the end of a month and the start of a new one! That means its time for our monthly recap! January have been a good Month in Stride! We saw a lot of new drivers boarding the fleet and we also saw a lot of Stride drivers in convoys this month. We hosted our Monthly convoy which was a success. We also had the pleasure of announcing a new partner (World Wide Limited), read more here. In addition to this our devs new tracking system is live and we started the transfer. The transfer of tracker have of course let to fewer jobs being logged this month. Our drivershub received some optimization and is now running very very good. We also had the pleasure of promoting Arun to Community manager in Stride! Arun is really doing a huge difference in Stride with all his work. He is also the master mind behind our new font! You might/might not have noticed our new font here on our TMP page and news post. We will use this font as our only/main font in the future.

Our Ongoing Projects

We have a lot of the to do list for the drivershub which we cant say too much about. The features will mainly be related to the individual driver stats and performance. We updated our patreon page and are in the works with an exclusive patron skin. Arun, our EM and the event team have also planned a special private event for next month, with focus on the divisions.

Our Numbers

Bellow we will give you an insight to a few of our numbers from December:

Driver Applications: 18- a decrease of 21.74% since last month

Monthly Job Count: 482 - a decrease of 37.32% since last month

Events we attended: 18 - a increase of 125% since last month

Average Event Attendance: 3.1 - no data from last month

Events we hosted: 1 - 0% increase since last month

At last, we would like to thank our Patrons for supporting the development of Stride Haulage ! A huge thanks to S-Dubble & BurreBurrito thank you!<3


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