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February Recap

By Syllemylle   |   01 Mar 22:03 UTC | Updated on 01 Mar 22:05 UTC

Welcome to our February Recap In Stride Haulage! February was a busy month as usual! We welcomed a lot of new drivers and staff members to the team! Both the media team, Driving examiner team, event team and human resources team have welcomed new staff members! Thank you, Scorch, Vlossom, Niftyx, Nightfall, Enrikas, Shulker, Mata and Seven4tor for wanting to help out!!<3

We said goodbye to a few staff as well, someone missed us too much and had to come back tho;) But I would like to thank Rougelemon for all his time with us, we wish him all the best in the future and he is always welcome here!<3 Our Divisional Recap is relaunched, check it out here!

Bellow you can hear a bit about our ongoing projects and get some insight to our operation! This month we have decided to expand the data we want to share with all of you!

Our Ongoing Projects

We launched the new update on the drivershub introducing features like: Progress bars, Monthly VTC goals a cheat detector and much more! The next big thing we are looking into will be a slight overhaul of our website!:) Preparations for our 2nd year anniversary convoy is also taking up some time! We would like to see you all for an awesome event!!

Our Numbers

Bellow we will give you an insight to a few of our numbers from December:

Driver Applications: 29

Accepted Driver Applications: 16

Declined Driver Applications: 10

Canceled Driver Applications: 3

Monthly Job Count: 588

Monthly Distance: 76,235 km

Events we attended: 15

Average Event Attendance: 4,3

Events we hosted: 1

At last, we would like to thank our Patrons for supporting the development of Stride Haulage ! A huge thanks to S-Dubble & BurreBurrito thank you!<3


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