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Time to get back to Convoys!

By (PRES) NBK Vamp   |   22 Jun 2021 19:00 UTC | Updated on 29 Sep 2021 02:40 UTC

It's time to get back together and get this ball rolling, I'll be hosting a convoy June 25th! Listed below are the details to the convoy, including the times for each Timezone, and the route. I hope to see a good number of you all there!

Route: We will be starting in Phoenix Arizona, grab your load from the Chem Plant and meet at the Repair Shop on the other side of the city!

From Phoenix we will be driving on the 10 West, towards LA, transferring from the 10 to the 5, then to the 101, heading towards Oxnard and dropping off at the Gallon.

After dropping off at the Gallon we will pick up a load and head up the 101 towards San Francisco, only getting off at the 80, transferring to the 580 South, and dropping off at Oakland Shippers in Oakland.

From there we'll pick up another load heading to Walbert Market in Reno. Jumping onto the 580, interchanging over to the 80, and taking the all the way to Reno.

From Reno, we'll pick up another load from Walbert, and head to Las Vegas, getting on the 80 East, then exiting at the 305 South, taking that to the 376, then continuing South, toward 95, taking 95 straight into Vegas where we'll drop off at Walbert Market.

From Vegas we'll pick one final load up from Walbert Market and taking that to Phoenix Chem Plant. We'll jump onto the 93 South, take that to the 40 East, Interchange at the 17, heading South and straight into Phoenix.


EST: 6:30 PM EST

CST: 5:30 PM EST



HAWAII: 12:30 PM

Azores Portugal: 10:30 PM

Lisbon Portugal: 11:30 PM

France (Shared with Denmark): 12:30 AM

Bulgaria: 1:30 AM

Military Time: 18:30


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