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BioChem Industries now has an official YouTube Channel!

By (PRES) NBK Vamp   |   17 Sep 2021 01:37 UTC | Updated on 17 Sep 2021 17:40 UTC

BioChem officially has a new YouTube Channel, which we are hoping to use to grow our community! With this were hoping to get everyone included and encourage everyone to take part in the YouTube Channel! If any of our drivers are interested, please contact our president, NBK Vamp, if you are interested in posting a video on our channel. For the rest of our community and even those outside that aren't interested in posting on the channel, you will still be able to view our videos here: ! We hope to have this channel become a big part in BioChem moving forward and we look forward to everyone's ideas on what to post on the channel.

Please note: All Videos must fit the age appropriate means on YouTube, following all YouTube Guidelines. Our president also requests that all videos that are submitted to be posted not be cut up into multiple parts to make it easier on him.

Thank you for taking the time to read this news statement, and happy trucking!


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