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ETS2MCG - New Rule!

By [MCG] Masunio   |   30 Jun 2021 15:25 UTC | Updated on 23 Jul 2021 22:21 UTC


Previously, you only saw Leader - who often took the lead in our VTC convoys and events organized by other VTCs. However, we feel this still doesn't really guarantee members driving behind. And after discussions among Senior Staff took place, we decided to add a new rule to ensure that members participating in the event have a certain safety.

Here is the new rule:

We decided to add the last driver called Tail ETS2MCG. This person will have the task of closing the convoy (the last driver) and will notify the Leader when anything happens to our members. Of course, we still need your cooperation when you have anything happening, you need to notify the Leader or Tail immediately. Another way is to notify the @Representative when joining voice on discord. However, we will still add Co-Leader and Co-Tail in case Leader or Tail has problems or gets kicked. These people will be responsible for managing and ensuring that nothing happens to the members when joining the convoy. And our Senior Staff will be responsible for this task. We will inform the members about 4 people including Leader, Co-Leader, Tail and Co-Tail about 5 to 10 minutes before the departure time of each convoy/event, or you can look at their player tag in-game.

**Note: **This rule only applies when participating in the convoy/event, about the trips, you can freely.


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