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ETS2MCG activities - Week 2, September 2021

By [MCG] Martin   |   14 Sep 2021 12:00 UTC | Updated on 14 Sep 2021 15:05 UTC

Here's the summary of our activities in this week. We held a 'ETS2MCG September Convoy', and a lot of DLC trips.



Photo courtesy of Ryota

We went to the USA after a long time! We prefer European trucks, but American trucks are amazing too.


ETS2MCG Daily Trip - Wednesday

This was the only non-DLC trip we held at this week. What a lovely sunset!


ETS2MCG Daily Trip with DLC - Thursday

We enjoyed Baltic scenery from Kaliningrad to Turku. This was really long trip but worth running with teammates.


ETS2MCG Daily Trip with DLC - Friday

We used both Beyond the Baltic Sea and Scandinavia DLC at this day. In order to prepare the upcoming convoy in Saturday, our trucks parked at the city of Oslo.


ETS2MCG September Convoy

We took the DLC convoy for the first time in our team's history. Many teams and users visited and ran together. We are happy as this convoy was successful and smooth. Also, we plan to hold more DLC convoys and events!


The Event of TianYang VTC

For the last day of the week, we participated in TianYang VTC's public event. Thanks TinYang for inviting us to the amazing event!

Here we conclude trips and convoys in this week. For upcoming weeks, we will hold and attend more interesting convoys and trips. Stay tuned!

ETS2MCG, We Are Family!

Thank you! Terima Kasih! ありがとう! 감사합니다! ขอบคุณครับ! Cảm ơn!



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