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ETS2MCG activities - Week 2, December 2021

By [MCG] Martin   |   13 Dec 2021 11:50 UTC | Updated on 13 Dec 2021 11:55 UTC

On the second week of December, we only did a private convoy and trips. Here are pictures of our activities.

Tuesday (07.12.2021)

ETS2MCG Daily Trip on ATS

Images provided by Farza

  • Departure: Santa Cruz
  • Arrival: Pioche

With winding roads in California, and straight roads in Arizona.

Wednesday (08.12.2021)

ETS2MCG Daily Trip

Image provided by Ryota

  • Departure: Brussel (Brussels)
  • Arrival: Plymouth

Recently, the team only visited continental Europe, not the UK. So, in this day, members visited the UK after a long time.

Thursday (09.12.2021)

ETS2MCG Daily Trip with DLC

  • Departure: Roscoff
  • Arrival: Toulouse

Crossing the Hexagon... It's sad that there are no facilities about the aerospace industry in Toulouse in the game ;)

Friday (10.12.2021)

ETS2MCG Daily Trip

  • Departure: Graz
  • Arrival: Torino (Turin)

We still like a mint!

Saturday (11.12.2021)

ETS2MCG Mint Chocolate Convoy

  • Departure: Berlin
  • Arrival: Linköping

The second private convoy in December. So, we decided to apply a 'special' paint again. Literally, it's orange color. Isn't it fabulous?

Sunday (12.12.2021)

ETS2MCG Daily Trip

  • Departure: Osnabrück
  • Arrival: Brno

Wonderful trip for Sunday.

Here we conclude the dairy of trips and convoys in this week. For the upcoming week, the third week of December, we will hold more interesting convoys and trips, including Bangladesh Victory Day Convoy, TinYang and ITVTC's convoy. Stay tuned!

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