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ETS2MCG activities - Week 3, December 2021

By [MCG] Martin   |   19 Dec 2021 16:18 UTC | Updated on 19 Dec 2021 16:20 UTC

On the third week of December, we mostly attended events by other teams, with our private convoy.

Tuesday (14.12.2021)

ETS2MCG Daily Trip

  • Departure: Ajaccio
  • Arrival: Genova (Genoa)

In this day the trip was held in SCS's official convoy mode. Driving around Corsica island, I was so glad that I found the splendid scenic areas.

Wednesday (15.12.2021)

ETS2MCG Daily Trip

  • Departure: Lyon
  • Arrival: Bayonne

The only trip in this week. Well, so everyone agreed to visit DLC areas. Next time we should visit Iberia peninsula!

Thursday (16.12.2021)

50th Victory Day of Bangladesh

BTR hosted the big event. Of course, the team enjoyed the convoy. We really appreciate BTR for inviting us to the great event!

Friday (17.12.2021)

December Celebration Tianyang Team

TinYang team held a huge convoy for celebrating year's end. Thanks TY for offering the nice and joyful convoy.

Saturday (18.12.2021)

ETS2MCG Private Convoy

  • Departure: Calais
  • Arrival: Mannheim

While we were visiting convoys by other teams, we also took the convoy for ourself. It's literally a meaningful convoy, as this was the last private convoy in 2021!

Sunday (19.12.2021)

Indian Truckers 11th Public Convoy

This was the monthly convoy hosted by ITVTC. Roaming in the UK gives us a fresh experience, because we usually travel around continental Europe. Thanks ITVTC for giving a great memory for us!

Here we conclude the dairy of trips and convoys in this week. For the upcoming week, the fourth week of December, we will hold more interesting convoys and trips, including ETS2MCG Happy New Year Convoy. See you soon!

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