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By [MCG] Kien Giang   |   23 Jun 2022 14:13 UTC | Updated on 23 Jun 2022 14:27 UTC

Last Saturday, our COO, Serdtse created a brand new event for team members. It's called Truck Hunting. In this event, members will have to find trucks that have been hidden in a defined map. The members will begin their search by driving and searching everywhere for the vehicles that have been hidden by the members of the Event team.

It would be easy, wouldn't it? The answer is no. Not stopping at the search, the members will have to pay attention to the window plates and after finding all the hidden trucks, you will have to put all these number plates together into a complete and meaningful sentence. So, to do this, the first thing is to make sure you find all the hidden trucks. Well, it seems like finding the car is easy but with the arrangement of them into one sentence, there were a lot of members who couldn't do it.

However, the result surprised us a bit as 5 members completed the event. This is a very good result that we didn't expect so many members to search and concatenate into a completely exact sentence. We congratulate the following members on completing the event: chib1t, Ryota, AHSB, Nimble, Best

Thanks to all of our members that attended and congrats to all the winners! We hope to see you at future events. Stay tune!

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