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集合时间:20:00(提前30分钟上线) 发车时间:20:30 服务器:Simulation 2 DLC:本体 导航风格:最佳+自定标记点 总里程:1485km 语音交流:群语音 要求:自带挂车集合(牵引车和挂车种类、涂装外观等不限) 【使用tmp插件联运,参与者请提前半个钟准备好上线。自觉遵守联机规则、听从指挥。联运过程中无特殊情况尽量不超车,如发现恶意捣乱、破坏联运者可举报处理。】

English Version (Translated by Google) Gathering time: 20:00 (online 30 minutes in advance) Departure time: 20:30 Server: Simulation 2 DLC: No Navigation style: best + custom markers Total mileage: 1485km Voice communication: group voice Requirements: Bring your own trailer collection (the type of tractor and trailer, the appearance of painting, etc. are not limited) {To use tmp plug-in intermodal transportation, participants please get ready to go online half an hour in advance. Consciously abide by online rules and follow instructions. During the intermodal transportation, try not to overtake as much as possible without special circumstances. If you find malicious troubles or disrupt intermodal transportation, you can report it for handling. }



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