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Name Change, VTC Revival, New Management & Members, and More!

By DatDamnDiabetic   |   07 May 11:15 UTC | Updated on 08 May 03:20 UTC

It's Here!

Name Change; What to expect; What has changed!

Gladiator Riggs has finally undergone a major change....we will now be known as Starline Transport Group!

Now, we understand that this comes with confusion for those who haven't been paying attention lately, so I will explain it to the best of my ability. Gladiator Riggs, our original name of which we began this wonderful adventure (and a very successful company) over 2 years ago, actually, coming up on 3 years soon, has caused some problems with the IRL company that Navdeep7259 also owns, despite our best efforts to differentiate the two. So, in order to preserve the life of this VTC, we were forced to make some new and excited changes of which are listed below!

  • New Virtual Trucking Company Name
  • New Discord Logo
  • New VTC Motto/Slogan
  • New ATS & ETS2 Truck, Car, & Trailer Liveries
  • New Incoming Management
  • New Trucksbook Client;TruckersMP Tag Name
  • Strengthened Partnerships
  • Same Strong, welcoming company with the same community....built with trust!

Now please keep in mind that the changes listed above (and others which may have not been listed) will take a few days to complete as we ensure that the name overhaul goes by smoothly and is successful. Please, spread the word to as many as you can of this big change, and that Gladiator Riggs VTC is not gone, but remodeled with a brighter future!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us owners either via DM on discord or by pinging us through #『💬』general-chat. Or, if you want a more private messaging system, create a ticket within the server in #『🤖』bot-commands!

To join our wonderful community, apply here: []


Owner - Navdeep Owner - Andrew P.



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Created: 09 May 2021 03:32 UTC
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Euro Truck Simulator 2
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