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认识我们的管理团队! Meet our Management team!

By CN*YongHeng*Xiao Duan   |   06 Jun 2022 17:11 UTC | Updated on 05 Jun 2022 16:12 UTC

大家好! 随着新加入的成员数量越来越多,多人协同管理车队越来越被需要,管理团队应运而生。这是一群高素质、高智商的人们,为车队今后的发展奠下了基础,为车队做出了无法比拟的贡献。我们希望能通过这样一篇文章让队员熟悉我们的管理团队,也借此机会表彰一直在背后为车队辛苦付出,值得被授予最高荣誉的管理人员们!

CN*YongHeng*Ni Ko

### As captain, he is responsible for the overall development of the team and needs his approval when making major decisions. He invited a lot of players to join the team in the early stages of development and now the team has momentum. Without him, there would be no convoy.


CN*YongHeng*Liang Cheng

### The CFO is responsible for helping team members report illegal players, appeal false bans and solve archiving problems.

CN*YongHeng*Xiao Ming

### The CEO is responsible for the daily affairs of the team, who makes YY channel and QQ group full of vitality. He's also our backup captain, in case anything goes wrong with the convoy.

Event manager

### Event manager* Be responsible for managing the daily activities of the team

-----Team managers
CN*YongHeng*Tie Zi
CN*YongHeng*San Feng     He's on the team and he doubles as a videographer
### Responsible for managing fleet operations and managing our dissonance

The management team is the cornerstone of the team and once again we thank them for their contribution.
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