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7.3 Eternal Team and MT Logistics jointly held a public event

By CN*YongHeng*Aholic   |   08 Jul 12:00 UTC | Updated on 09 Jul 14:10 UTC

route 【Calais -Hanover Quarry】 Active server:ETERNAL & MT JULY PUBLIC EVENT Join the motorcade:1.Eternal Team and MT Logistics 2. TCS VTC 3.Lu Tu VTC 4.LS-VTC 5.SG Team 6.RMI VTC 7.MY VTC 8.ZC VTC 9.LH Team 10.AMCC 11.ACC team 12.LEG Team 13.Silver Phoenix Express Team 14.TW-SDT 15.Global-Trucking 16.YM VTC 17.GX-Team 18.LY-Team 19.TeamAudi VTC 20.SKY VTC


  • This activity is a public activity organized by Eternal Team. Thank you very much for taking time out of your busy schedule to participate in this activity




永恒车队-- 宣传部


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