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The load not delivered would be unBEARable.

Next Month Friday Night Public Convoys will be on ProMods!

By meLadyBear   |   24 Feb 19:57 UTC | Updated on 23 Jul 22:21 UTC

*Bears move Friday night Public Convoy's to ETS2!

In the past LadyBear Trucking has been having Friday Night Public convoys on ATS for years. This year in February ETS2 took over Friday Nights. For years we have always stayed on base map to allow new drivers an opportunity to convoy with us. We also did this for the month of February on the ETS2 Arcade Server however for the entire month on March Friday Night Public Convoys will be in Promods!

We have one convoy left for February and will be this Friday, February 26th at 6 pm CST. We always post a time calculator for all our friends across the world (

Here is more details on this Friday's Convoy:

★ Start: Graz ★ Destination: Lille (Return trip for those interested)

Cargo: Light Cargo Speed: Front truck - 90 kmh

RULES & Sign up here:

If you have Promods and would like to join us see you in March!!



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