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Veyron Logistics 车队未来规划

By [Polestar]*042*AXIN   |   30 Dec 2021 12:43 UTC | Updated on 30 Dec 2021 12:45 UTC

车队从新规划,车队联运,更改为每周星期五,星期六,星期日, 原因,最近车队活动多,为了放松大家,不让大家这么累,所以,以后我们每周联运三次 除活动以外, 车队联运五次➕活动联运五次,算满勤, 满勤人员前三会发福利或现金红包

The fleet is re-planned, and the combined transportation of the fleet is changed to every Friday, Saturday, Sunday, The reason is that there have been a lot of team activities recently. In order to relax everyone and keep everyone from being so tired, we will transport three times a week in the future. In addition to activities, Five times of combined transportation of the fleet➕ five times of combined transportation of activities, it is considered as full attendance, The first three full-duty staff will give out benefits or cash red envelopes



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