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Veyron Logistics威龙物流日常联运

By [Polestar]*042*AXIN   |   31 Dec 2021 17:20 UTC | Updated on 31 Dec 2021 17:25 UTC

威龙物流日常联运 日期:12月31日(星期五) 联运服务器:a服 起点:米兰 终点:纽伦堡 总公里数:804km 车队头车:慷慨(职位) 车队尾车:小琦(职位) 车队指挥:阿新 联运引导:小马(活动经理) 参加联运时禁止随意卡麦序,如必要时卡麦,需要向车队管理喊报告, 车队集合晚上7.30 车队发车晚上8:30 发车前五分钟统计车队人数 结束前五分钟统计车队人数 车队成员名字格式:Veyron-名字

车队联运YY集合↓调整好麦克风 YY号:657104

Weilong Logistics Daily Intermodal Transport Date: December 31 (Friday) Intermodal server: a server Starting point: Milan Finish: Nuremberg Total kilometers: 804km Team leader: generosity (position) Chaser of the team: Xiaoqi (position) Convoy Commander: Ah Sing Intermodal guidance: Xiaoma (event manager) When participating in intermodal transportation, it is forbidden to arbitrarily call the sequence, if necessary, call the report to the fleet management. Convoy meeting at 7.30 pm The fleet departs at 8:30 pm Count the number of people in the fleet five minutes before departure Count the number of convoys five minutes before the end Team member name format: Veyron-name

Fleet intermodal YY collection↓Adjust the microphone YY number: 657104



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