RK VTC Assessment Rules (English)

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Profiles standard

1.Review group will send profiles and it will satisfy essential dlcRK VTC DLC Reference Regulations

2.Mid-range profiles: If you are not online before the departure time, we will not issue the mid-range profiles. You can find us online by flight mode! Or join us by other ways!

Review stage

1.This stage can be said to be an interview, we will ask you some questions, you must answer truthfully to ensure that you are suitable to join our team! If your answers are different, we may directly reject your application. The following information is what you must provide: Screenshot of the renamed record of TruckersMP account,Screenshot of the dlc and the vtc what you joined before.

2.If you have joined one or more teams, you must tell us why you are leaving the team. Kick&Left? Was it kicked for personal reasons?

3.Providing this information will help us learn you better!

Assessment stage

This stage needs to be approved by the HR Team and the status of your recruitment application will be changed toIn progress At this point your assessment phase has been opened!

At this stage, you must participate in our intermodal assessment. As we mentioned in the previous article, each assessment interval must not exceed 30 days, more than 30 days, we will reject your application! If you have the following behavior, you may be rejected (calculated by plot severity):

1*. There are malicious collision in the process of intermodal transportation!

2*. There are malicious roadblocks in the process of intermodal transportation!

  1. Insults or violations of TruckersMP Rules 1.5 during the intermodal process!

4.Pretending to be a member of the team management team or the game administrator! Pretending to be a member of other teams!

5.Without the permission of the management team to drive the car in the process of assessment.

6.When you are in intermodal process,you do not use YY!

  1. Malicious mode on the A1A2 server!

  2. Overtaking without permission!

Note: Rules with "*" are not valid on A1.A2 or collision-free servers!

After completing all three follow-ups, the HR Team will conduct a final review and photo comparison. The only thing to do in this process is to wait patiently! After the final review, no problem will pass the assessment!


Please pay attention to the following contents for all assessment members:

Before the end of the intermodal line, please be sure to park at the terminal yard and wait for the management screenshot.

If you are not present at the photo, your day assessment will not count, HR Team will not be able to record your assessment on the day.

Application limit:

In order to prevent someone from disrespecting our assessment rules, the following provisions are made:

  1. Any player who breaks our review rules once, we will record it once in your assessment file and make corresponding punishments!

  2. Any player who breaks our review rules three times, we will not process your application in the future!

  3. In order to prevent someone from maliciously wasting our assessment resources, we will reject the players who have not applied for three applications (not participating in the inter-transport).

  4. The violations of the rules specified in Article 1.2 of this Section also include the following:

4.1. Real-name reporting by other fleet management.

4.2. The big intermodal malicious malicious disorder and other rules are borken (can be re-evaluated, and all applications will be severely rejected).

4.3. A single intermodal violation of multiple rules is also calculated multiple times. For example: XX violates three audit rules in one audit, and then counts three times to reject all future applications!

  1. The rules in Article 3 of this section do not include the following:

5.1.Do not have enough dlc

Game name format:


number=Your number, HR Team will be mentioned in your application! See the tutorial specifically!

name=Your name, no restrictions, free to play! But please don't use Chinese name!

Renaming Note: We allow you to change the name of the game throughout the review & assessment phase, but it is not mandatory, but after joining the team, you must change your game name!

Good Luck!

Happy Trucking!


HR Team


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