Summary of activities in December

By China-leitinG   |   02 Dec 2019 01:14 UTC

TruckersCHN No.17

Activity time:2019.11.9 19:00-22:00 (Beijing Time UTC+8)

Server:China Truckers Alliance No.17

Active link:https://truckersmp.com/event-request/184

Activity rules: Event Staff Rules:

➽ Road closure

➽ Wrong way(Reverse driving)

➽ Intervention in parking situations

➽ Overtaking Permission

➽ Skoda is not allowed (except Event staff)

➽ Use the left strip continuously to prevent fading

➽ Give instructions to the players

➽ Event staff are authorised to drive the incorrect way

➽ TMP staff can teleport event staff

➽ Recording cars are allowed to drive in opposite direction

Activity status:

Not started

Taiwan-FSE 12.31 Year end car to party!

Activity time:12.31 20:00(UTC+8)

Active server:undetermined

Activity status:

Not started


Event Team


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