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2021年8月2日,【ETS2】中国振兴车队建队七周年,七年里,振兴齐力为大家打造欢乐欢乐的共同游戏空间。七年风雨,振兴车队见证了欧卡在线的变迁,目力到了组织的兴衰,磨炼了兴盛领队的队伍,出现了坚定的爆发群友的意志。与我们一起嬉戏嬉笑。是啊,问有几个游戏人物可以存在年之久呢,而当这些“曝光” ”的网友下一句“我是当年的XX时”,2014年也全聚在昨天。8月1日晚,让我们一起再,首为振兴庆生,为自己干杯!

English: On August 2, 2021, [Ets2] China Zhen Xing team will celebrate the seventh anniversary of its founding. In the past seven years,Zhen Xing team has made concerted efforts to create a relaxed and pleasant common game space for everyone. In the past seven years, Zhen Xing team has witnessed the changes of Orca online, witnessed the rise and fall of countless organizations, honed the level of many team leaders and strengthened the friendship of hundreds of friends. We often appear on the tour with the prefix of revitalizing In the play, appearing in the forum, you can often see "strange" netizens exclaim: "Zhen Xing is still there"! They were also a member of the revitalization, and they also had fun with us. Yes, how many game groups can exist for seven years? When these "strange" netizens say "I was XX in that year", 2014 seems to be yesterday. Seven years later, on the evening of August 1, let's get together again to celebrate our birthday and drink to friendship!



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