因为相逢,所以一起。 振兴中华,流通寰宇!

【ETS2】中国振兴车队五周年庆典圆满落幕 The fifth anniversary ceremony was successfully concluded

2019年8月2日,振兴车队举办了五周年庆典联运活动。活动邀请了晨曦车队,散人集团,RK车队,龙门车队,初心车队等十个车队共同为振兴庆生。时光如箭,岁月如梭。不知不觉中,振兴这个团队已经共同走过来五年的时光。这五年,大家一起见证了ETS2的进步,见证了TMP的改变。感谢TMP,让我们在这快节奏的生活中遇到了一群有着共同爱好的人,可以一起享受这工作后的悠闲时光。一群人,几辆车,共前行。感谢遇见,感恩陪伴。On August 2, 2019, Zhenxing VTC held the fifth anniversary of intermodal transport activities to celebrate the revitalization. Ten teams were invited to celebrate the rejuvenation together. Time flies like an arrow. Unconsciously, it has been five years since we revitalized this team. In the past five years, we have witnessed the progress of Ets2 and the change of TMP. Thank TMP for meeting a group of people with common interests in this fast-paced life, let's enjoy the leisure time after work together. A group of people, several truckers, march forward together. Thank you for meeting ,Thank you for accompanying.

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