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By JJay   |   24 Feb 2022 02:00 UTC | Updated on 05 Jan 19:13 UTC

Dear truckers,

Mileage Riot is the only Russian-speaking verified virtual transportation company with an excellent system and development. In just 1.5 years of existence Mileage Riot was able to gain a huge trust, among hundreds of other large VTC and interest in the TruckersMP community as a whole. And today we have 12 great partners with whom we communicate and have a great time!

Our first partner we partnered with is:

[RO] Trans Express

These guys are interesting in their own way and they are always happy to help us when we need it. We also don't say no when we need their help. That's why we're partners, because we have a great time and we organize some events or work together. It gives us a lot of air to do new things.

Next up, it's Convoy Security Group

We partnered with them on February 18 Mileage Riot! Convoy Security Group (ConSecGroup) is a virtual trucking company specializing in convoy control with over 6 years of experience. To become a professional, you have to work with professionals. For this reason, Mileage Riot has partnered with VTC to help us with convoys and more. Convoy Security Group gives us the opportunity to become a professional VTC and will assist us with daily and special events. Mileage Riot is happy to see one of the well-known virtual companies willing to work with us and believe in us.

The third partner we partnered with is TK Courier.

These Russian-speaking guys are our friends and we have fun with them when we do convoys together. Every time we meet, it starts with a smile and a fun joke. Afterwards, we pack up and the key is off to the start!

The fourth partners are Art of Transport Logistic.

This is our second Russian-speaking friends, whom we met and now have a great time on our joint convoys. With them we also have fun and talk on different topics and not a single convoy goes without a joke. And we couldn't help but offer to be part of our community and be partners. We didn't regret it!

Here I think Skazochnick will continue to write.

Fifth - This is a great VTC, which is very long time on TruckersMP - Pries Logistics

This VTC with a great history. I (Skazo), joined this VTC in 2019 and I was happy to the extreme because, then, it was my first foreign VTC I joined. And I couldn't help but suggest this VTC to become our partners and that's how we became friends and partners. Thank you Pries for everything!

The sixth partners, they are young Pirate Logistics

This VTC, also cool with their people who are on the management team. They have grown very quickly and become our partners. Together with them, we've got more interesting convoys. We are happy to go and visit them on convoys as they are also made on a high level!

Yukon Union

We partnered with them thanks to the VTC.World project. This community unites a lot of people, has interesting tools for playing the game and is changing the idea of the game. Yukon Union - This is one of the larger VTCs that I know that are developing this project. And I couldn't help but offer to become friends with them and spend, something together!

Intel Logistic

A great VTC with good people, that's what made us become comrades and partners.

Arab Transport VTC

Arab Transport VTC Founded in 1/11/2019, it is a unit for many drivers from all around the Arab countries. Arab Transport VTC started after some meetings with VTC owners we decided to open a VTC that will be for the Arab Drivers so we can connect them.

Federal Transport

Federal transportation was created on July 2, 2021. It's been almost a year since then. They have accepted many new members and are still expanding today. Hosting many different events and making interesting content

Clare Logistiscs

Clare Logistics was founded by Thirace & Magic Realms October 2022 and we wanted to create a free, fun experience for those who want a little extra in terms of the Euro Truck Simulator 2 experience, providing a quality atmosphere and, most importantly, making it enjoyable for all involved. Our drivers have the opportunity to evolve in our logistics and can focus on their next goal as they efficiently traverse the roads of Europe, always helpful and friendly to other drivers they meet, and unlike other VTCs we aspire to freedom, we don’t have strict rules for our events, we don’t force our members to participate, you can come whenever and wherever you want, we want You’ll find something different at Claire Logistics!

That's about it!
Thanks for reading this and learning more about us and our partners!
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