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We've made it! Exactly one year of Mileage Riot

By Caernage   |   18 Aug 2022 00:01 UTC | Updated on 23 Oct 2022 07:56 UTC


A big hello to all friends!

The day has come when our company VTC is exactly one year old!

A little story about how Camelliya (Nadezhda) and I created the company "Mileage Riot";

The beginning of the development of our company with Camelliya was a little bit unclear, we didn't know what we wanted to end up. But after a while we came to a common opinion and we started to develop at full speed. There were ups and downs, loss of motivation and ideas for further development, but still we found that line and started walking it, which gave us more than just a company. It gave us a family with whom we spend every day together and doing something, constantly evolving and renewing. Now I (Skazochnick) can say that this is the best VTC in all 7 years of my playing with TruckersMP. We were able to build an interesting project among Russian VTCs in terms of features and interests.

During this time we have built a system and connection that is not worse than the top foreign company and we don't plan to stop. In the future everything will be even more interesting and colorful. We have managed to hold a lot of major events and gain fame for many players. During this time we managed to make friends and partnerships with more than 5 VTC and more!

Results for this year:


We look forward to seeing you at our event tonight. Our event tonight is part of a celebration for us, we want everyone to participate and spend the evening with us:

Happy Birthday Mileage Riot!


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Created: 18 Aug 2021 19:25 UTC
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