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if you're able to help out Brayden he has to go to chemotherapy treatments

By Tj Barnes   |   13 Jan 09:05 UTC | Updated on 14 Jan 03:05 UTC

Brayden who is 8 years old will be going through chemotherapy treatments in Colorado for small blue cell sarcoma.As Some of you may know my nephew Brayden had a doctors appointment Monday for a limp and a sore leg that they thought was growing pains . From his appointment he was sent to another hospital While in the ER they started a IV and took a CT scan. In the CT scan it showed a large mass in his left leg. They didn't quite know the size or much at that time. From there they was sent to the children's hospital in Denver Colorado via ambulance. The first couple days were very rough as they didn't know much. No one showed them the CT results yet. Tuesday he got an MRI and was scheduled for a biopsy Wednesday. When they were preping him for surgery they seen the MRI....CT and Xrays he had gotten done. They showed the mass in his leg is about 3 inches wide and 18 inches long. As well as two masses in his left lung. A port was placed for long term treatment. With all this he has a 10 year stretch of Chemo and Radiation treatment. Lots of back and forth from Torrington WY to Denver Co. Expenses are going to be high. But they know Brayden is very strong. He is a fighter. He will kick cancer in the ass. Please continue to pray and send good vibes as this journey will be long and hard. Thanks everyone who has shown support. It's greatly appreciated . Please help us in supporting Brayden and his family.

This is him []

If you can please donate really will appreciate it []


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