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New Division & New interactive channel for our Discord

By Shαdows   |   22 May 21:05 UTC | Updated on 26 May 15:40 UTC

Two Big Annoucements

Agricultural Division

We are happy to announce something new to our VTC and Community as well!

We are excited to announce that we have finally opened our FINAL DIVISION within our VTC which is our Agricultural Division past few weeks our Division Supervisors NumberHunter91 and Georgie Faythe have been hard at work preparing this division with it's Handbook, cargo list, livery and Division Application! Today we are thrilled to announce it is open to our VTC Family (Driver rank and above).

We are also excited to announce that mth will be our 4th Special Divisions Supervisor and he will be the Agricultural Supervisor

Want to drive with someone?

We had a channel exclusive to our VTC Family but we now have opened it to our Community in our Discord server in #lets-drive-together with this change we added to new reaction roles in in @Looking To Play ETS & @Looking To Play ATS which you can use the commands ?ats when looking for someone to drive in ATS :ATS: or ?ets when looking for someone to drive in ETS2



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