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Community Spotlight - SicariusNZ

By Shαdows   |   02 Jun 04:42 UTC | Updated on 02 Jun 04:45 UTC

TMP Name: SicariusNZ

Question: What games do you like besides Trucking?

I play DayZ, Escape From Tarkov, Hell Let Loose and Squad

Question: What other hobbies do you like to do?

*I have my pilot license so I enjoy flying. I also enjoy hiking, tramping and hunting *

**Question: What do you think about ATM and it's community? **

It's a great community that makes you feel welcomed

Question: What is your favorite truck in ATS and ETS2, and why?

I don't play ATS much but the W900 is a beaut. My fave ETS2 truck is Scania

**Question: If you are not yet one, do you want to be a real truck driver? If so why? If not, why? **

I am a real world truck driver in New Zealand, it's a career not for the faint of hearted but I absolutely love it, if you have a passion for trucking I highly recommend go for it


Language: English
Created: 29 Oct 2021 12:47 UTC
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Euro Truck Simulator 2
American Truck Simulator
Owner: Shαdows
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